Give and Take: Thank you!

In the next few days there will be a more detailed post about the Give and Take day last Saturday; this is just a short note to thank everyone who helped organise, volunteered on the day or just came and joined in.

So, thank you Eloise, Kris and David for using your own vehicles to collect and deliver larger items, Nick for supplying some muscle on those rounds, Kate for taking the lead and organising the whole thing, Ray and the Chaucer Club for all their help and generosity, Margaret, Daphne, Kris, Eloise, Elinor, Nick, Mark, Charlotte, Cathy, Richard, Paul and no doubt many others for helping on the door, arranging items as they came in, explaining how the Give and Take works, putting up posters and spreading the word.

And of course a big thank you to everyone who brought something along, took something away (or did both).

We recorded pretty much everything that came in through the door – three big van loads, a pick-up full, a few packed cars, a loaded tricycle trailer and countless boxes and bags on foot – the figures aren’t in yet but last time we moved 10 tonnes of ‘stuff’: it looks like it will be pretty close to that this year too.