So many Bees!

I have seen nearly every bee in our care today, probably 200,000 or so, and it has quite literally made my head all buzzy. Thank goodness I am not a commercial beekeeper!

I even saw bees belonging to the second hive to join our Bee holiday camp as we settled them in at Barsham. They were a little annoyed (not the exact description given by their owner, but much more polite) at the disruption and were really quite loud. As I lifted the travelling screen from the top of the super, the bees on the underside all turned as one towards the same corner and marched. They were buzzing so much they were blurry to look at and the vibration travelling through my arms was quite intense, something I will never forget.

Superhive was generally looking good although they were rather cross today, they also looked as though they were starting on their stores – it is time to feed them. Maybe that’s why they were a little grumpy.
In fact I garnered my first sting, on my thigh, but managed to get some smoke on my leg and no more followed. Hugh wasn’t so lucky and was attacked behind his knees in particular, goodness knows why…

Meanwhile over at Flixton – Frank Hive has increased it’s stores but is still a small colony, no Queen seen today. Betty Hive only had 2 Queen cells, has increased it’s stores and Bluey was seen. Edith Hive was literally a hive of activity, lovely friendly bees, Queen not seen but lots of eggs present. We also put mouseguards on and Gemma took the feeders for cleaning. We have a few more weeks before we need to decide how to manage the 2 smaller colonies over the winter, as 2 units or 1 amalgamated one.