Green Drinks = Theme Drinks

Our regular 3rd Tuesday of the month ‘Green Drinks’ in the Green Dragon (7.30pm) haven’t been that well attended in recent months. So this autumn we’re going to reinvigorate them by introducing a different theme every month and inviting an informed guest along to give a brief talk and instigate discussion. Check out the calendar for details…

The first of these new themed nights will happen on October 19th, where we will be talking about economics and livelihoods and have invited Dr. Gary Alexander to give a short outline of his work and research into more collaborative, trust-based economics. Gary is an active member of Transition Diss, a Trustee of the Transition Network and a core member of the Transition East support group. A few years ago he wrote eGaia: Growing a peaceful, sustainable Earth through communications and more recently drew together a vision for a sustainable Diss in 2030.

Anyone wanting a good bit of background reading in preparation for could do worse than the first installment of essays from Richard Heinberg’s new book The End of Growth, they’re freely available on-line and you can access them here