Lolly Sticks Abound

First of all, I have to admit to being a little lazy and reaping the benefit of other’s hard work. Over the past two weeks myself and some friends have been enjoying planting spring bulbs in the Library Courtyard Garden with pupils from Bungay Primary School. If the library courtyard team hadn’t made such a good job of creating a space for me to do that in I would probably have spent those crisp, bright days doing chores at home. So thanks all!

After an initial muddle with the first class we got much slicker operationally – which meant we could spend longer with each child choosing a spot, looking at the bulbs and showing them a picture of the flower their bulb will grow into. The children were all enthusiastic, although some were rather more keen on directing than grubbing around and others dove right in hands (thankfully not heads) first. Each of the five classes has their own ‘patch’ and the children wrote their names above that of the bulb on a lolly stick marker before poking it into the soil. Consequently, lolly sticks abound in the beds – rather gruesomely described as looking like a ‘dollies graveyard’ by one of the team (who shall remain nameless).

As both bulb type and position was largely down to choices made by the children, the original planting scheme went out of the window early on. However, some beautiful flowers were chosen by the Library staff (purchased via donations) and should ensure a riot of colour next spring. Apart from the lavender bed which has only Alliums planted in it, Hyacinths will intermingle with Narcissus, Chinodoxa, Anemones and Fritillaria amongst others. When they visit the library in the spring the children will be able to identify the one they planted and hopefully bring their families in to enjoy the space as well.

As the school have not yet given clearance for photo’s of other pupils they have not been shown – but watch out for some in a few weeks time.