Bee Aware!

Bungay Community Bees is pleased to announce the birth of it’s Education and Outreach Group, probably to be named Bee Aware. A table-full of us met in my kitchen and after gorging on loads of yummy food (and delicious blueberry juice) we were finally brought to our purpose. So, with Charlotte facilitating, we compiled a whole host of ideas about ways in which we can engage others with our interest in honey bees.

We are building a portfolio of skills, interesting stuff and educational activities (including those linked to Key stage 1 and 2 for schools) that can be tailored to accommodate different situations and groups of people. Grander plans were also discussed – but we will wait until they are in the pipe-line to reveal them. We will also be teaming up with the Plants for Bees group to promote and facilitate bee friendly gardening.

So, spread the word and if you or anyone you know would be interested in our members coming to chat (or more) with your group/friends get in touch!