Bungay ‘Unleashing’

A big thank you to everyone involved in organising the Unleashing and to all those who came along (just over 70 in the end) – it wouldn’t have been quite the same without you!

Special thanks to Shaun Chamberlin who gave up his Saturday night, trekked up from South London, and gave us a fantastic presentation. His coverage of peak oil and climate change was incredibly lucid and really helped to set the context within which Transition, and indeed everything, works. Shaun went on to talk about the importance of cultural stories, the timeline process and the power of community action; suitably inspiring and empowering after the reality check presented in the first half of the talk.

  • If you’d like to have a look at Shaun’s website, Dark Optimism, it’s here.
  • If you’d like to buy a copy of his book, The Transition Timeline, we still have a few copies left and can offer them at £8 (ex. post and pack – we also have some copies of theTransition Handbook at the same price).

We’ve uploaded some photos of the unleashing here. If you took some pictures and would like to share them do get in touch (contact email in the top left hand box), we’d love to see them.

We also got some positive press coverage with articles in the Bungay and Beccles Journal and Waveney Advertiser and the same article in the EDP (hard copy) with a mention on the front page of the Waveney edition.


What happens next?

The Timeline: Over the next few days the Timeline – created at the Unleashing, will be transcribed and posted here. By joining Transition East and then becoming a member of the Bungay Group you’ll be able to add to the Timeline. Alternatively you could send us your thoughts via the google group or our e-mail address (both also in the left hand column). Even better, come and meet us all in person. Every third Tuesday of the month we host a Green Drinks event at the Green Dragon in Bungay. The next one will be on the 19th May, there’s a poster here with all the details. On the fourth Tuesday of the month we have a more formal meeting where we manage on-going projects and discuss any ideas that emerged at Green Drinks in more detail; do get in touch if you’d like to attend.

Projects / Theme groups: There are things that the group are already doing, such as planning for the next Car Free Day (22nd September), the Big Green Market or the Carbon Audit and we’d welcome extra input on these. But a whole host of new ideas emerged at the Unleashing – from gardening at the library, through setting up a community supported agriculture scheme, to insulating our homes better. Unlike many Transition groups we probably won’t split into theme or sub groups immediately, instead we’ll wait to see what happens at the next few meetings and how the Bungay Timeline changes our current thinking.

Bungay Timeline