Nasty, Noxious, Neurotoxic Neo-nicotinoids

Use of neo-nicotinoid pesticides is a huge issue which is finally getting some more mainstream coverage. Decline of pollinators including honey bees has been linked with their use and some European countries have actually banned them, not so the UK. For a great summary of this issue read Nick Mole’s speech delivered at the London Bee Summit. For a slightly more in-depth article read Michael McCarthy’s article in the Independent, both of which can also be found on the Pesticide Action Network UK (PAN UK) website

There is also an open letter to the British Beekeepers Association being circulated regarding the payments they have received from pesticide manufacturers in return for endorsements.

If you want to take action (apart from becoming more aware and spreading the word of course) Buglife have provided a draft letter you can sign and send to your local MP asking for research into and action on the use of neo-nicotinoids. Both the co-operative’s Plan Bee campaign and Avaaz have petitions you can sign.