Bungay Community Bees Meeting 05.02.2011

Several new members joined us for an update on our plans for 2011. Thanks to Jeannie, Keith and Gemma we had a lovely space to meet in and some delicious cake to fortify ourselves with. Several topics were discussed:

Bits and Bobs
 We currently have five colonies of bees (3 BCB and 2 in our care) situated at two sites with one (possibly two) beekeeper(s).
 We have a third site to use later this year.
 We have two more (top bar) hives to use later this year.
 Two beekeepers were trained last year but won’t be tending bees this season as they are both expecting babies this Spring – congratulations to you both!
 Two further members have embarked upon the Waveney Beekeepers Group training course.
 We have had several articles and mentions in the press in the last few months, including in Positive News, the BBKA (British Beekeepers Association) news, the Energy Bulletin, the Soil Association newsletter and the Natural Beekeeping Trust website. We plan to build on this in the future.

Thanks to all those who paid their £20 today – and a gentle reminder to those who would like to join this year but haven’t yet done so!

Plants for Bees
The plant calendar design continues to evolve and we now have an illustrator for the flowers. Work also continues on the logo, which will be used for stickers to be added to bee-friendly plants in our local garden centre. We will be applying for funding to assist with buying plants and seeds for our own apiary sites and to back up our bee-friendly gardening projects for our members and the general public.

Education and Outreach
We are planning to work with Bungay Primary School later in the year on bee-related projects, details to follow at a later date. Gemma is to be the lead co-ordinator for Bungay Bee Day (I know how the name sounds but there’s no alternative one as yet), with the aim of celebrating the honey bee and educating others in a fun and engaging way. We are hoping to involve a theatre company and perhaps tie in with local school/s.

Adnams Charity
A big thank you to Adnams: Bungay Community Bees has been awarded £477.55 to purchase honey extracting equipment from Beechwood Bees – fingers crossed for some honey this year!

Social Enterprise Support
We have been offered some invaluable professional support in organising our structure and income streams for the future – which was enthusiastically accepted. More to come soon…

Horizontal Top Bar Hives (hTBH’s)
Mike brought along one of two superb hTBH’s that he has been crafting for the group this winter. I was incredibly impressed by the quality and workmanship of it. Although it will be exciting to see it housing bees, it is actually a fabulous object in it’s own right, just begging to be admired. Many thanks to Mike for all his hard work in both designing and building the hives, at cost price no less!