Getting Grubby at Greengrow

So, once again I found myself heading towards Greengrow on a cold and blustery mid-February Sunday (not snowing this year though!!). It would be so much more civilised if fruit trees were planted in summer – however, they aren’t and it was with a certain sense of pride that I entered the ‘orchard area’ knowing I helped with the planting of the established apple trees. There are approximately 350 apple trees consisting of about 30 different varieties, it is going to be absolutely fabulous in a few years time.

Today we planted the last of the apple trees, fortuitously we arrived as the last of the holes were being dug (I am particularly bad at holes) and so had the fun parts of planting, popping a mulch mat on and tie-ing in to get on with. I didn’t manage to escape hole digging completely though, which did at least warm me up, as we then moved onto planting cherries, two of which needed re-locating due to water-logging. There is something intensely satisfying about neat bundles of mulchy pillows housing the young trees all in a row. I shall look forward to planting the pears next year.