Give and Take Day : Saturday 19th March

The posters advertising the Spring 2011 Give and Take Day are up around town and, as with the last two it already seems to be capturing people’s imaginations.

So start sorting out all those boxes at the back of the garage / shed / attic and deciding whether you’ve got any big bits of furniture you’d like us to collect on the Friday before the event (click on the poster for contact details).

Perhaps the one downside of using the Give and Take to declutter your life is that you’re bound to take home as much as you brought!

In addition to the Give and Take we’re hoping to show some short (ten minute) films about waste and recycling and provide more information about the four Rs of consumption (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rethink).

Give and Take Day
10 – 1 Saturday 19th March (large items can be collected for free on the 18th)
The Chaucer Club