An Ash of Dewey Decimals

Bungay based poet and library supporter Luke Wright has penned a poem about the library closures, he’s also written some of his own thoughts about Bungay library and the prospect of it closing here and been speaking up for it on local and national radio – Thanks Luke!.

He’s planning to read the new poem at Telling Tales, the next Save Bungay Library event (26th March, 11am-2:30pm).

An Ash of Dewey Decimals

In county halls across the land
the snakes who make two hundred grand
are rolling out a gruesome plan
to close the libraries.

The type who’s names appear on plaques
cry Prudence! as they strike a match
then hold it to a paperback
and something dies in me.

The misspelled writing’s on the wall
they’ll sell the land for shopping malls
an ash of Dewey Decimals
it makes good business sense.

Now reading groups and learning schemes
and safety nets for falling teens
are charcoal in a jack-boot dream
of raging discontent.

Meanwhile these lords in second homes
will whisper in their mobile phones
and purchase shares in Waterstones
Hurrah! A bumper year!

They gurn and cheer as Britain chokes
and public welfare sadly smokes:
We’re all in this together, folks!
Just drown yourself in beer.

And those who think these lines contrived
come here and look me in the eyes
and tell me this is civilised
don’t try to lie to me.

You damn the kids in rural towns
whose shoulders are not fit for gowns
you keep them thick and keep them down
in your Big society.