Let’s Converge – Bungay Community Bees… in the street, in the café, in the garden

Tuesday was a very exciting day for Bungay Community Bees. But where do I start? In Paul’s garden, with the arrival of a top bar hive in the morning? In the street where Josiah happened upon a swarm in the afternoon? In the Willows café at lunchtime where Gemma, Eloise and I spoke to the Beccles Ladies Probus Club about BCB, our activities and why we do what we do?

Everything seemed to be happening at once in all different places.

So whilst this was going on in the cafe:

Josiah had been alerted by Margaret to a swarm of bees here outside Barclays Bank:

And on our way back home Charlotte and I found him striding with great purpose down the street to find a box so he could transfer the bees into the new top bar hive in Paul’s garden. With no protection save a pair of household gloves. (Oh bee suits where are you when we need you? Well, with one of our four trained beekeepers, of course.)

Josiah knocked lots of bees into the box and set off to Paul’s on foot with Charlotte,  whilst a woman stopped and spoke to me about how some bees had occupied her ladybird house and were sealing up cells. When I caught up, Paul was already making tea and

Josiah was looking for the queen. Was she anywhere to be found? Indeed she was!

And by the way do you have any crushed lemon balm leaves or aloe vera for those stings on Josiah’s head, Mark?

Next step – knocking them in to the top bar hive.

And feathering them.

Elinor arrives complete with bee suit.

The bees check out their (hopefully) new home?

Surely they’ll take to it with all those bee-friendly plants and people around at Paul and Adele’s.