Documentary film night – Gasland

There will be a showing of the film Gasland (directed by Josh Fox) at our third joint film night with Waveney Greenpeace on Friday 17th June 7.30pm at Bacons farm, St Michael South Elmham, NR35 1NF.

The film follows the stories of real people affected by shale gas exploration in the USA. Shale gas is an unconventional energy source where gas is released from the shales by a process known as hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, of the shale itself. This industry has rapidly expanded within the last ten years in the USA although seemingly with major consequences for both the environment and health of local people. These effects arise as both the gas released, and the chemicals used in the fracturing process may contaminate local aquifers, rivers and surrounding land. With the UK Government currently considering its approach to allowing this industry into the UK and the first fracking experiments occurring earlier this month in Blackpool, this is a highly topical environmental/earth science related film.

Further reading: Review by Rob Hopkins on Transition Culture; On Gasland and Feeling by Mark Watson on This Low Carbon Life.

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