Bungay Beehive

Bungay Community Bees (BCB) is now in its second busy year and this July will be hosting a first-of-its kind event, the Bungay Beehive – a day of bee-related exhibits, crafts, workshops and talks. After establishing three community-shared apiaries last year we are now focusing on outreach and education projects.

Originally we set up our hives and community group to help local honeybee populations. Honeybees are in decline worldwide and so BCB  has been spreading the word about the crucial relationship between plants, bees and people to different local groups from the Probus Club to the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) regional gathering near Ipswich as well as taking part in the first London Bee Summit.

During Nature Week at Bungay Primary School we engaged in all kinds of exciting “bee-aware” activities: giving a slide show of our own hives and bees, looking at examples of foods pollinated by bees, exploring an empty hive, trying on beekeeping suits, learning how to waggle dance and plant sunflower seeds (this rated everyone’s no 1 subject!). It was really impressive how much interest the children showed and how well they grasped the role of bees in pollination.

Our biggest outreach event to date, Bungay Beehive is happening on Sunday 24 July, 10.30am-4pm at Castle Meadow. Although we are celebrating ‘all things bee’, our theme will centre on the importance of insect pollination and how we can use plants and gardening techniques to support bees and other pollinating insects in our environment. There will be a guest speaker from the River of Flowers project talking about the importance of pollination, biodiversity and ways in which we can be proactive.

“The ‘river’ in River of Flowers is an evocative way of describing the planting of urban meadows in ‘pollination streams’ or ‘green corridors’ in order to help our pollinators, bees, butterflies and hoverflies, find forage in the city. It describes the flight path of the pollinators as much as it does the flow of wildflowers…” http://www.riverofflowers.org.

Other speakers will discuss natural beekeeping concepts, bumblebees and the healing power of honey. Activities include making a bug hotel or a candle, discovering wildflowers and bees in and around Bungay and diverse children’s crafts. Some more practical aspects of beekeeping, including our recent venture into top bar hives, will be on display alongside an observation hive (live bees!) and stalls selling bee-friendly plants and honey. So, come along and get involved with supporting bees in our environment! Elinor McDowall

To get involved with Bungay Community Bees or to join the mailing list email: info@sustainablebungay.com