Bungay Allotments

Bungay Allotments and Gardens Association is thriving at the moment, with all plots being worked with enthusiasm and creativity! There is a waiting list of about a year, but it’s worth putting your name down now as a good waiting list also assists with the campaign for greater allotment provision. There certainly won’t be new allotments if there isn’t a demand!

So far this year, the dry weather has helped to keep weeds at bay, but has also meant that we’ve all been doing a lot of watering. I suspect that water is going to be a big factor over the coming years and that we need to look at ways of increasing onsite water collection, rather than relying on the tap (which for some plot-holders is a long walk!).

It always fascinates me to see the variety of plants grown and the innovative ways people choose to grow and protect them. There is a great tradition of reuse on allotments, as children’s play equipment, plastic bottles and other bits of waste, become support structures for climbing plants or cloches for vulnerable seedlings. We had a skip onsite to clear old fly-tipped rubbish and there was a lot of ‘dumpster diving’ going on as one person found some scrap and another thought of a use for it! Kate Jackson

If you are interested in joining the waiting list, contact Kate Jackson (01986 897082)