Two new bee keepers in the making

Bungay Community Bees has two members on the current Waveney Beekeeping Group course for beginners. They’ve attended their first meeting and both have been filled with enthusiasm (and the feeling of needing to swot up a bit!). A little later in the summer they will be able to tell you some more of their experiences in person.

Waveney Beekeeping Group (WBG) has a record number of beginners on their course this year, probably due to recent media interest and their commitment to providing an affordable course. They have recently been awarded funding from the Broads Sustainable Development fund to set up a training apiary, including, hives, bees and smocks at Grange Farm, which will greatly assist us all locally.

It is thanks to the WBG that Bungay Community Bees has been able to develop and afford to train some of our members and populate our hives with bees. We also owe thanks for being able to ring up at the last minute and have Bob Spruce meet us at Grange Farm to be filmed for Look East opening up Mike Learner’s hive whilst Sally was entertaining my baby…

Waveney Beekeeping Group