Bungay Community Bees and the Co-op Family Fun Day

The first thing I want to do is thank everyone at the Bungay Rainbow Co-op on behalf of Bungay Community Bees for making last Sunday’s family fun day so enjoyable and successful.

I knew that the Co-op store was donating the proceeds to BCB, but what I had not realised was that the stalls were being run by people who work at the Co-op and had made cakes and biscuits or brought along books and toys to sell for the event. And given up their Sunday at no extra pay to do it.

So a huge thank-you to everyone involved for all your time, effort and generosity.

It was a very windy morning as Charlotte, Kris and I set up the Bungay Community Bees/Sustainable Bungay stall, grappling with the display boards as they threatened to heave over and chasing after laminated photos as they took flying lessons!

But we got everything up and despite occasional moments of Very Dark Clouds Looming (not everything was laminated yet!) it stayed dry. The serious rain began just as we had packed everything in Kris’s van at the end. The timing was perfect.

Cathy came with an abundance of fruit from her plum trees and packets of borage seeds a major bee plant). And Richard arrived to help wth the stall. We spoke to people about Bees, the Bee group, Plants for Bees, Give and Take and the library community garden. The displays looked great. Charlotte took the plums around and offered them to people, who when they found out there was no charge gave a donation.

It was truly a rainbow day in Bungay for the community… and the bees!


Pics: Bungay Community Bees/Sustainable Bungay at the Rainbow Co-op Family Fun Day by Mark Watson