Abundance… a way of sharing what we grow, Sunday 2nd October

The fruit harvest kicked off early this year with blackberries and Discovery apples ripening in my garden from early August, swiftly followed by a good harvest of plums. Cherry plum trees planted in the hedge about 10 years ago had big crops for the first time this year. Cherry plums are common in hedgerows too, where they often go to waste, but they are delicious. Damsons started at the end of August, and more apples came on stream in September. Our local heavy soils seem to favour all kinds of plums as well as apples.

The summer fruits don’t keep well, so they need to be eaten, frozen or preserved as soon as possible once they are ripe. We have had Abundance tables at most events over the summer, including the Beehive Day and the Co-op’s Fun Day, and also use the Google Group to arrange distribution.

Two events will coincide with the height of the apple season. There will be a produce table at the Give & Take Day on 24th September, and the following week, on 2nd October, between 11a.m. and 1 p.m, we will be exchanging things we have grown: fruit, vegetables and plants, in the Bungay Library Community Garden. We plan to have an apple press there to make juice. So head into town, bring what you can give and take what you can use. Don’t forget containers. If you have produce to give, but can’t come on either of these days, please let us know and we will collect.