Busy Bees in October

This wonderful weather has allowed the bees to keep busy into autumn. I have been taking time to visit them and to sit and see what they are up to. They are taking loads of pollen into the hive still, which Bob Spruce said they will store until spring if it isn’t used straight away. I’m not sure what plants the pollen came from, perhaps ivy, but I have noticed two different pale yellows. This is in contrast to the almost dark orange I have noticed on the legs of the numerous common carder bees out there.

This winter I am going to experiment with listening through the hive wall to the bees using my stethoscope. Today Eloise and I met to try this out. We moved as quietly as possible amongst the outside of the cloud of bees coming and going and listened at the three sides away from the entrance. It was much quieter on the side that the brood nest starts from and much ‘buzzier’ on the side of stores. I hope this means they are hard at work building up their larder.