Bungay Bees a-baking

We did get some honey this year but not quite enough to jar up for all our members so we thought it would be a nice idea to use it collectively. The idea of a cake making session was born.

Not only did we use our own honey but we were lucky enough to be given the prize-winning Honey Cake recipe from the Bungay Beehive Day. The baking session actually ran more like a workshop under the experienced eye of Gemma from Humble Cake, complete with time for tea and apple scones while our own honey cakes were in the oven.

Everyone had a different approach – and all the cakes came out looking different – but all were delicious. There was the precise baker, the ‘that’s about right’ baker, the ‘bung it all in and mix’ baker, the somewhat imprecise baker and the ‘followed the recipe’ baker… You can make your own conclusions about who was who!

Not only was it fun but I think we all picked up some useful tips along the way! We will be making some more buns for our film night and for our January Meeting in 2012.