About SB

Sustainable Bungay was formed at the end of a Climate Change conference organised by Emmanuel Church in 2007. Since then we’ve screened films, organised a local food conference, A Give and Take Day in the Community Hall and a Carfree Day and we created a Bungay Timeline for the next 20 years at a community event attended by over 100 people. More recently we’ve held an Energy Day at the library and prepared a community carbon audit.

At present Sustainable Bungay has working parties investigating the possibilities of up a solar panel buying club, a car share, a pig club, land share and community-supported beehives. We come together three times a month, officially for a core group meeting and unofficially for Green Drinks at the Green Dragon pub and Green Cakes and Tea at the Willows Cafe – people tend to choose which gathering suit them best. We also produce a quarterly newsletter which is distributed on and electronically.

If you’d like to get involved feel free to sign up for our google group (there’s a box on the right) or have a look at our calendar and come to an event.