Blustery Bees

I spent the night a couple of weeks ago lying awake listening to the wind howling around the house. My mind was full of images of hive pieces strewn about and our lovely Superhive II colony being dispersed over the north sea. I resolved to get up extra early the following morning to go and check them, but, of course, I overslept. I then had to endure a day at work with these images flitting through my mind. Eventually I reached the apiary and with breath held reached the point at which I could see the hive, standing just as I had left it, simply oozing stability.


Stethoscope to hand I listened to the hive sides and was rewarded with the faintest of buzzing sounds at the brood end. Until, that is, I bumped the hive and the note completely changed, becoming reassuringly loud and cross sounding. After checking the entrance and putting a couple of extra bricks on the roof I left for home and a wonderfully dreamless sleep.

All was well.