Green Drinks – Back for 2012 | 21st February & 20th March

Green Drinks will make a welcome return in 2012 after a break in the autumn. They will follow the usual themed format and we’re inviting ‘expert conversationalists’ who can answer our questions about a specific subject, or steer our discussions along fruitful paths.

The first evening of the New Year will focus on sharing as a practical way of better using resources, building stronger communities and saving money. Sophie Garrett, founder of Yours to Share, will talk to us about the benefits of co-working, car sharing, land sharing and other forms of ‘fractional’ ownership.

In March we’ll be joined by members of the GreenGrow co-operative, who will talk to us about community food growing. Founded a couple of years ago by members of the Common Ground co-op on land they own in Ilketshall St. Andrew, GreenGrow has gone from strength to strength – establishing a box scheme, planting an orchard, erecting polytunnels and growing salads for local restaurants as well as offering training and volunteering opportunities.

All welcome!

Tue 21st Feb 19:30: Sophie Garrett, Shared ownership

Tue 20th Mar 19:30: GreenGrow, Community food growing