Skills and Resources

This year we will be compiling a list of the skills, resources and interests that people might be willing to share with others. If anyone is working on a project or wants to learn a new skill, they could contact someone else on the list for advice on a subject (apple pruning, internet blogging, small business accounting etc.), or for practical help (e.g. with computer graphics, house sitting, car sharing etc), or to borrow a piece of equipment (hedge loppers, spiral binding machine, apple press, vegetable dehydrator etc).

The idea is to create a list which would help us all to network and share together more of who we are and what we’ve got. Everyone has a lot of knowledge, skills and resources which could be either offered freely, swapped, bartered or charged for or shared just for the fun and pleasure of sharing things with like-minded or interested souls.

Only those who want to be on the list need contribute their details. This list is open to everyone on the Sustainable Bungay Google Group and the deadline for initial contributions is 21st January 2012.

You can join the Sustainable Bungay Google Group here