Intoxicated by bees

I think Honey Bees are my favourite drug. Better even than a Gin and Tonic.

On this first truly warm day of the year, in a heady mix of sunshine and warm breeze there is a frenetic buzz of flying bees jostling to get their treasures into the hive.

I find this satisfying enough, but the wonderful smell of warm propolis and honey transforms this into a pleasure I crave again and again. Add to that the faint adrenaline surge from realising I’ve put the wrong jacket on – the one that doesn’t do up very tightly and is too short, just inviting an exploratory bee to get stuck inside – and I’ve been grinning all afternoon.

Soooo, when can I go and visit them again?

Blissful day.

I think I may just top it off with a G&T.