Plant Swap in the Library Courtyard

This almost incessantly cold spring has hampered efforts to germinate seeds for my own allotment and garden, and scuppered attempts to raise seedlings for this event – trays of seeded compost remained stubbornly barren on my garage windowsill. Would this effect be widespread and create a shortage of plants to swap? Would the forecast cloud & chill spoil what is usually such a joyous, shared celebration of the season?

So, relieved to report I think it was the best one yet: lots of SB helpers of course, a steady flow of old & new faces, plenty of plants, seeds & stories exchanged with the customary relaxed atmosphere. The rain held off and there was even some sunshine. And the courtyard does look wonderful…


Thanks to Lesley and Richard who worked tirelessly all day, Mark for organising a key to arrive on the morning of the event and get me out of an embarrassing hole, Gemma for cakes and Elinor for images.