Second Swarm, Second Hive

In addition to our first swarm we now have a second one housed a couple of metres away. The bees went into their new hive really nicely and this time they stayed there! We know the Queen was with them as they had built a miniature comb from the roof of the travelling box overnight and she had laid one egg in each side.

We checked the first hive and they have been really busy, nearly all the frames had drawn comb and there was lots of pollen (very dark) and stored nectar. We also found eggs from 1 to 3 days old: day old eggs are tiny little dots standing upright in the bottom of the cells, second day eggs lean at 45 degrees and third day eggs lie down.

To my amazement and extreme satisfaction I spotted the Queen! She was really long, very dark and beautiful; lovely to see. The workers had built another 3 Queen cups (5 in total) and 2 had eggs in. The cups were placed in the centre of the frames which may suggest supercedure rather than swarming. We now have a few days in which to decide what we do next.

Apologies for the lack of photos, I was in a bit of a hurry leaving the house and forgot the camera. I shall try to make up for it next time!