What a way to go…

by my own fair hands....Having gone through almost paralysing fear after becoming acquainted with the concepts of peak oil and climate change, I have emerged as someone willing to do my best for our future, and I am thoroughly enjoying it.

I still have fears about the world my children will inherit, or even grow up in, but I hope they will understand how their environment works and be inspired to get involved with shaping it responsibly. I have to admit to a very shaky knowledge of economics, although I do question why our economy has to grow – what disaster would happen if we all had to be a little more localised or self-sufficient?

Tying in with that thought, I have been inspired to learn new skills, especially those relating to domestic productivity. Not only do they save me money, but there is enormous satisfaction in learning how to do something for myself, especially if it turns out particularly well. So far I have turned my hand(s) to marmalade, jam, elderflower champagne, bread-making and knitting. I am going to learn about fruit and vegetable bottling and sewing later this year. The greatest obstacle to success has been time management, especially with 3 young children, however a little organisation can achieve a great deal.

My latest venture has been into bee-keeping with Bungay Community Bees. There are many benefits to participating in a community group: I have enjoyed the sense of comradeship, exploration and support from both Sustainable Bungay and Bungay Community Bees – so much more can be achieved collaboratively. For example, I would love to know more about planting for bees but don’t have time to research the topic thoroughly – luckily two members of our group are particularly interested and are building a ‘bee calendar’ as one of their projects.

Carefully sliding the brood frames in and preparing to put the crown board on top

I have made many friends in Bungay, all with similar over-arching concerns, all coming from a place of concern about the future and all rolling up their shirt sleeves and doing what they can within their own lives. But best of all, everyone has their own area of particular interest and so nobody has to do everything, or feel isolated and overwhelmed. There are positive aspects for our future after all.