Screening: Seeds of Freedom

This coming Friday 14th September 7.30pm at Bacon’s Farm,St Michael south Elmham ,NR35 1NF :

Seeds of freedom is a 30minute film produced by the Gaia foundation and the African Biodiversity Network

If there is one song that i sing with the children at nursery that they never forget and always want to sing it’s the one about planting a seed and watching a flower grow!
Who could blame them? It is the most wonderous magical thing. Yet it is difficult to imagine what kind of landscape our children will be looking out on in their lifetime consdidering what planting a seed and growing food signifies for different people across the world and the impact their judgment today will have on the future.

“Seeds of Freedom charts the story of seed from its roots at the heart of traditional, diversity rich farming systems across the world, to being transformed into a powerful commodity, used to monopolise the global food system.The film highlights the extent to which the industrial agricultural system, and genetically modified (GM) seeds in particular, has impacted on the enormous agro -biodiversity evolved by farmers and communities around the world, since the beginning of agriculture.

Seeds of Freedom seeks to challenge the mantra that large-scale, industrial agriculture is the only means by which we can feed the world, promoted by the pro-GM lobby. In tracking the story of seed it becomes clear how corporate agenda has driven the take over of seed in order to make vast profit and control of the food global system.”

Watch the trailer here:

As this is a short film i am hoping to show a series of shorter films about Soil entitled “Sonatas of the soil” and /or “Symphony of the soil”.From a portrait of a Winemaker to the story of a biodynamic farming community in the desert in Egypt .This is To Be Confirmed!

I hope you can join us.A small donation is appreciated to cover the cost of the film.Please get in touch if you need help with directions and please use the google group to arrange Lift sharing.
(If you have any doubts about finding the barn please ring early on as i have no signal on the night and it isn’t that easy to find!)