Master Composters!

We’ve got a couple of local Master Composters coming to the next Give and Take Day (22nd September 10 – 1). They’re volunteers who encourage people in their local community to start composting at home and offer support to people who are already home composting and may be having difficulties or need encouragement. The scheme is supported by Garden Organic, here’s how they describe the work:

Master Composters

Can-o-Worms wormery

Master Composters are volunteers who encourage and support householders with composting at home. These volunteers come from every age group and a wide variety of backgrounds and this helps with the scheme being so effective – Master Composters can reach ‘parts that other compost promoting activities cannot reach’ –  they talk to their friends, family and neighbours, write in their parish newsletter, attend village fairs and it has even been know for a Master Composter to hold a compost-themed children’s birthday party!

Brandling worms

Apart from having the opportunity to enthuse about compost, there are many benefits of becoming a Master Composter. In the words of one volunteer:

I have really enjoyed being a Master  Composter,  I have improved my confidence through talking to people at events and have even been advising about composting to work colleagues. I have found people are interested in the subject, to cut down on waste and improve their gardens.’

Master Composters really can make a difference in changing people’s attitudes and behaviour and they are an essential part of the national strategy to increase environmental awareness and to reduce the amount of waste that just gets put in the rubbish bin.

Garden Organic has been involved with setting up Master Composter schemes, training Master Composters and developing resources for Master Composters for several years. Each Master Composter scheme is run on a regional basis, usually supported by the County Council. To find out more information on Master Composter schemes and if there is a scheme near you, have a look at our dedicated Master Composter website.