Plants for Life – latest news

The Plants for Life events and Plant Medicine Bed in the Library community garden bloomed throughout the summer. We held herbal walks, book readings and a weekly informal ‘surgery’, which provided a great space for identifying plants and their medicines. There were several lively discussions on well-being and what it might mean within an era of environmental and economic crises.

The Biggest Burdock in Bungay made its huge presence felt at our core group meetings in the garden this summer and appeared to be in dialogue with the equally giant fennel opposite. Burdock, with its ability to restore the body’s systems and purify the blood, is a great stabiliser and helper through difficult times.

Don’t miss the final two Plants for Life events this year: For Medicinal Purposes, a demonstration on making herbal wine and beer at home, Sunday 21st October at 2pm (bookings only), and The Magic of French Tisanes (Herb Teas), Sunday 25th November, 3pm at Bungay Library (no booking required).

Next year the focus of the central bed will be Plants as Food, curated by Lesley Hartley. And that’s another thing about

For Plants for Life info contact Mark Watson on 01502 722419 or email:

Image: First batch of hawthorn berry leather. Hawthorn is a heart regulator and circulatory tonic and the fruit leather is a good way to take it. This one was perfectly decent if a bit on the thin side! (MW)