Bees: education project underway!

We have embarked upon a new and exciting venture. In conjunction width Anglia Regional Co-operative Society and Featherdown Farms at College Farm, Aldeby, we will be providing  educational (and inspirational) visits for schools.

There is a purpose-built apiary in a sunny, sheltered site (see it being marked out in the picture above) on the edge of the broads. Children can view opening of the horizontal top bar hives from the safety of a shed with large windows. But best of all there will be a full size observation hive (think fish tank for bees) so the bees can be observed in their ‘natural’ environment, in any weather. Mike has designed it so we can utilise interchangeable top bars in one part and let them build comb freely in another part.

Visits will concentrate on the importance of bees in the environment and to food production, the stresses and threats to bees and other pollinators and ways in which we can all help combat this. Of course, we will also introduce the children to the wonders of honeybee life and the intricacies of the colony as well!

Honeybees are fascinating creatures and have been important in human culture for thousands of years, they make marvellous ambassadors for the serious underlying messages.

If you are interested in booking one of these school visits please contact Anglia Cooperative on 01733 225559.

School visits run from May to the end of the summer term on Thursdays. Other groups may be accommodated in August, please contact or Elinor on 01986 948154 for more information.