Nuc transfers

Transferring a frame from nuc to hive
As the beautiful weather continued into the afternoon we decided to transfer the nucs from their boxes into hives. After a brief interlude for me to pick children up from school/nursery we assembled at the Flixton site. After (our now usual) smoker lighting issues we placed the hive in position and transferred the frames across.

Hive 3 had some eggs in frames, but we couldn’t find the Queen! Hive 4 took three attempts but we found her in the end, phew! Interestingly, the bees in this colony had also built 2 Queen cups and one had a young larvae in it, are they dissatisfied with their young queen? I read somewhere that there is an increasing occurrence of young Queen supercedure, I don’t think anyone knows why this may be yet.

A lovely afternoon was had by all in the sunshine, only marred at the very end by Gemma getting stung – on the ear of all places. She has now been initiated!