Mikes Most Marvellous Observation Hive

I spent a great three hours earlier with Mike and his family as he got the majority of the observation hive installed. If I’m brutally honest I wasn’t particularly useful, but I did get to swan around taking pictures and getting a feel for the space.

The viewing shed itself is light and roomy, with plenty of window space overlooking the paved area where the outdoor top bar hives will be situated.  Beyond these we are planning to plant bee-friendly flowers, both as a treat for the bees and as an example of a buzzing border.

We expect the bees for our new apiary to arrive in just over a week, with the first school visit on the 23rd May. I’m currently in the process of finding some posters for the walls and reviewing fun learning activities. To that end just being at the apiary site was inspiring.

Viewing shed from the back
Looking through the viewing shed
Looking out over area for outdoor hives and bee-friendly flowers
Looking out over outdoor hive and bee friendly flower area
Putting the glass in
The hive has glass sides (with cover panels)
More glass...
Bees are accessed from outside but glass means interactions can be viewed from inside
The core nuc box for top bars and the comb board
Integral top bar nuc and board for building comb on
Getting in place with nuc and comb board in situ
Board for building comb on, top bar nuc and mesh floor in place
Showing outside access to observation hive
Outdoor access to the hive
With covers in place
Back covers in place
The main body installed
Observation hive body in situ

Mike has been very busy designing and building this observation hive. He will post a more in-depth account of his exploits and reasoning processes in the future, so if you’re interested in the more technical aspects watch this space….