Bee Inspection

Having registered with BeeBase (a free database monitoring the health of honey bee colonies) only last week, we had a bee inspector offer to look at our colonies within days. The Grand Inspection took place today on our 2 Swarm hives, Hive1, our super-duper hive, got the all clear which was wonderful news, especially as there is European Foul Brood (EFB) in the area.

Unfortunately our second hive was indeed hopelessly Queenless and we didn’t have enough time to raise another Queen as the worker bees lifespan is so short in the summer. The inspector recommended that we shake the bees out and remove the hive, so they would join the thriving hive. This we did, I hope they were welcomed in as they were a lovely bunch of bees. We left a frame of drone brood and stores out for the birds/bees to take what they wanted and had the bonus of some nectar/honey to dip our fingers into.

So now we have an empty hive and will be keeping our ears and eyes open for another swarm..