Annual Summer Picnic goes downriver! Sunday18th August, 1pm

Thomas_Cole's_'The_Picnic',_Brooklyn_Museum_IMG_3787Bring out your picnic rugs and hampers (and mandolins),  it’s time for Sustainable Bungay’s Annual Summer Picnic! This year we are converging on the riverbank at Outney Common.

We (that’s the Arts, Culture and Wellbeing group) reckoned the easier spot to meet was at the little footbridge that leads to Bath Hills at the old mill  (see map below for approaches from Bungay and Ditchingham) If you don’t find folk there, follow the bend and they may be around the corner by the swimming hole. If coming from Bungay allow for a ten minute stroll across the common.

So all those up for a swim as well as a friendly leisurely lunch, do bring your swimming things along with some seasonal food and drink to share. It’s lovely in there!

All welcome.

For further details or updates please contact Cathy Proudlove on (01986  892274) and if poss let us know if you are coming.

Meanwhile here is a map of how to get there (thanks to the great  Wild About Bungay blog)

Bigod map

Image: Picnic on Picnic Hill, 1897 by Thomas Carlyle