A Tale of Two Curves: Natural Limits and Economic Growth (30th June 2010)

Nick Watts has spent the last few months immersed in current economic theory and the economic history of the world. And now he feels ready and able to share some of the things he’s learnt with a wider audience.

Nick’s introductory talk will be about the reality of our economic situation – something that is often kept obscure by business, politicians and media – and the ways we can adapt and thrive in changing times. Nick will explore and demonstrate the 2 ‚Äúcurves”, which explain the fragility of our economy; provide a whistlestop tour of economic history, including a brief analysis of consumerism and the crunch of 2008; identify ways of adapting to these circumstances within the Transition framework and investigate ideas for promoting resilience in the local economy.

Nick has been putting together a mysterious list of props including a bell, ice hockey stick, and chess board. He promises audience participation and so – despite the rather serious subject matter – it sounds like it’s going to be a very entertaining evening…

7.30pm, Wednesday 30 June at in the Chaucer Club. 30 minutes, plus discussion. Free entry, bar open.