Press Release: Two Wheels Not Four

Cycling is the key focus as this week is National Bike Week and local community groups are joining up to make the area more bike-friendly.

Sustainable Bungay are delighted to join forces with Beccles Cycle Strategy to become Beccles and Bungay Cycle Strategy and the two towns are sharing information and forging links to make both places easier and safer for cyclists of all ages. Margaret Sheppard of Sustainable Bungay cycled with County Councillor, Dave Richie and District Councillor, Simon Woods and Town councillor, Simon Thompson around Bungayin a two-wheel tour of the town and have identified key areas for possible new cycle paths. The new group is particularly keen on creating safe cycle routes for schoolchildren and are working with the local High School, Primary and Catholic schools.

Sustainable Bungay on Bikes...

This week as part of National Bike Week, the Strategy cycled some of the 5 Loop system around Beccles with the Godrich Cycling Club and Waveney’s tireless Green Party cyclist, Graham Eliot. They have devised maps that span in five directions like spokes of a wheel from Beccles. The maps will be launched this Saturday in Beccles, along with Dr Bike and free bicycle bells. “We hope to learn from the great work Beccles has done,” said Margaret Sheppard who has inspired Sustainable Bungay to take two wheels rather than four.

Sustainable Bungay is one of 350 official Transition initiatives. community-led responses to peak oil, climate change and the economic downturn. We actively work to promote low-carbon travel (Bungay was the first Suffolk town to engage in Carfree day in 2008) and forge alliances with other community groups. Cycling not only promotes health and fitness. but it is also zero-carbon, creates no pollution and in these stringent economic times, very cheap! It is also a great way to meet people, see the countryside and keep in touch with your neighbourhood.

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