Library Courtyard Progress Report (II)

June 16th: The brick appeal gathers pace with a Brick Amnesty event planned for June 27th. In the meantime we hope to deliver Kate’s bricks over the weekend and that Coley will be ready to start foundation work in the very near future. Requests for help will be circulated by email and via the googlegroup once a date and time is established for work to begin. Once we have this¬† gathering of people together we can begin to organise the resources that are still required with a view to securing funding from various sources which Kristian and Nick have been investigating over the last couple of weeks.¬† Paul Jackson has now potted-up the fruit trees which had been temporarily planted out in his own garden, but these are still ready to be put into the raised border when the brickwork is done and the soil has been delivered. The third waterbutt has now been installed and at least one of them is full to overflowing.