Second meeting

My bee day began with a visit to our Barsham Hive. Nicknamed ‘the superhive’ they are truly that, I am so grateful for that beginners cautiousness that prompted me to go and see them the day after we popped them in their hive. If we hadn’t gone down there and noticed them in the tree and not in the hive we would have lost them.

All is well, they are thriving and we saw the Queen again (not my spot, but a superb one from a first-timer to that hive), she is still incredibly handsome! Pollen of all colours, from grey, blue and brown to orange and yellow covered the outer parts of several frames, just like a patchwork quilt from the 1960’s. One bee had a flattened pollen sack stuffed so full it must have been 5mm square, not only lopsided but aerodynamically challenging I’m sure.

The second meeting of Bungay Community Bees got under-way with a visit to the two other hives, both of which were still there although we found chalk brood (a fungal infection of sealed brood that dries the cadavers up to a hard ‘chalky’ mummy) in one. That one will be treated this week. Neither has got going as much as hoped so we will feed them again soon, especially as they might be finding it hard to forage at the moment. However, it was great to be able to get members around the hives, I had already forgotten that feeling of mixed excitement and apprehension on first seeing inside a hive, that was so evident amongst them.

I am happy to say my bee day ended well, with tea and a slice of one of Gemma’s excellent cakes amongst nice people all with a common interest in honey bees.