Happy Birthday!

We went down to see the Superhive at Barsham this week. It was a balmy day and we were a group of eight, three of whom were children. I have to comment on how sensible and interested they were, not only did they have really interesting facts to tell us, but they asked some great questions. Unfortunately we didn’t spot the queen but there were lots of house, nurse and drone bees as well as brood and some recently laid eggs to see.

Having been to a talk by a bee inspector on what to look for in our hives (hosted by Waveney Beekeepers Group) we had disease uppermost in our minds and thankfully all looked well. However, we did treat with oxalic acid again for Varroa, as some mites were found on drone brood. I don’t think the hive will have any spare stores of honey this year, we will leave it all for the bees to give them the best chance possible over winter.

The Queen may have been elusive but we did spot a bee emerging from it’s cell, inspiring a rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ by the children, I hope it was appreciative!