Queens, Queens, Queens!

The wasps are now becoming a problem and we watched guard bees attacking them at the entrance of one of the Flixton hives, it’s time to put the entrance block back underneath the mouseguard on the Barsham Superhive.

We now have yet more dilemmas, keeping bees is certainly not a straightforward business. The two Flixton Hives (Frank and Betty?) were our first stop last week on my reluctant return from holiday. Betty Hive had seven Queen cells, all containing eggs or larvae, one of which was sealed. The bees in this hive seem determined to supercede their Queen, but we don’t know why – are they unhappy with her? Or are they just confused?

The existing Queen was there, helpfully displaying her blue paint – surely she can’t be condoning all this Queen cell activity? So should we leave well alone and see what they do, or squidge all the Queen cells – knowing we have an egg-laying Queen, or squidge all but one Queen cell just in case they do need a new Queen? In the end we decided to leave everything alone for this week and look again in a weeks’ time. In the meantime both Flixton hives are being fed sugar syrup and Bee Vital to encourage them to build up some stores.

After that rather perplexing visit we looked in the ‘Superhive’ at Barsham which is ticking along really well, we even spotted our beautiful Queen and suddenly all my disgruntlement at returning from holiday vanished.