Library Courtyard Progress Report (VI)

Friday 31st July and the topsoil was delivered – tipped onto the forecourt by way of a kind donation from V C Cooke of Ellough – 4 tons of the stuff to move into the raised beds. Happily there was an enthusiatic team of volunteers ready and waiting with shovels and wheelbarrows. Coley came along and helped us remove (and refit) the decorative iron panel so access was much easier and within a few hours the job was done: Dozens of sacks of lovely 15-year-old manure (c/o Steve and Joy of Mulberry Mill Stud) was incorporated with the topsoil, and finally tamped down by vigorous stomping including a wonderful demonstration of pogoing by Mark in the centre raised bed, as he wailed an X-Ray-Spex number to the amusement of everyone (and bemusement of passers by). Thanks to all who came along and soon we’ll begin planting out and deciding the next steps toward completion. A glimpse of what the bench seating will be like was provided by Paul Jackson cutting and fitting a length of rustic oak plank which was curved ideally to fit into the recess of the circular bed. [pictures below courtesy of Mark & Charlotte]

We would like to thank Iain Huggins and members of Bungay Town Trust who have pledged a £500 grant towards the project.