Bungay Community Bees

BCB is 5 years old!

Welcome to Bungay Community Bees, we are a group of people striving to preserve pollinators and particularly the honey bee in an environment within which they can thrive. We’re working on a number of different projects: Plants for Bees, Education and Outreach, and Beekeeping; these are outlined below – click on the buttons for more information about each. We welcome new members at any time of the year – you might be very local and want to get hands on with one or all of our projects, or you could support us from afar:

Membership remains at £20 for the year. If you’d like to join us for the 2014 beekeeping season please click the button below and fill in the form:

Our Projects

Plants for Bees: 


birdsfoot trefoil and wild carrot








Encompassing wild spaces, gardens and farmland – click the button below to view our news archive.

Education and Outreach:


Heidi talking about swarming (1)









Sharing information and creating inspiration – click the button below to view our news archive.

School Visits:











Working with Anglia Regional Co-operative Society and Featherdown Farms to provide education sessions at a purpose-built apiary.

For school enquiries or to book a visit please contact Jill Basson of Anglia Regional Co-operative Society on  01733  225552.












Increasing numbers of hives, bees and bee-keepers locally – click the button below to view our news archive.

Hive building:


Mike demonstrating his handmade top bar hives












Exploring top bar and other hive options with sustainability in mind – click the button below to view our news archive.

Full Bungay Community Bees Archive:


Click the button below to view our news archive.


Setting up a Community Beekeeping Group

We’re delighted that Bungay Community Bees has inspired so many other groups to establish community beekeeping projects and we get lots of enquiries from people wanting advice and support. We’re always happy to try and help (though we’re by no means experts!). We also all have busy lives away from the hives and might not always reply very quickly… so feel free to get in touch through the site (contact form at the end of this page), but do have a look at the page below – it might answer some of your questions.

Contact Bungay Community Bees:

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