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Since 2007 Sustainable Bungay has developed several ongoing, self-managed projects such as the Library Courtyard Garden and Bungay Community Bees – and our cycling group has merged with Beccles Cycle Strategy to become Beccles and Bungay Cycle Strategy. We’ve also established some very successful regular events, like Green Drinks and our Give and Take days as well as organising one-off events including film screenings, a Growing Local food conference and an Energy Day. Among other things the group is currently establishing a fruit and vegetable sharing project called Abundance, working on a Carbon Audit, setting up a bio-diesel still and establishing closer links with other local groups such as Black Dog Arts and Greenpeace.

Getting involved with Sustainable Bungay’s projects is probably the best way of supporting the group’s work and everything you can read about on this site (and plenty more that hasn’t yet been written up) has been done by volunteers. But we also need money, albeit not very much. So far we’ve managed with the help of donations and a few small grants (for example to pay for materials to build the community garden or to cover the printing costs of the carbon audit). In fact the total cash cost of everything we’ve done over the past 3 years has only been about £4000.

Though we do and will continue to apply for small grants to cover specific project costs, as a group we’ve always been very clear that we don’t want to be dependent on grants or public funding and we’ve never wanted to develop an infrastructure (such as hiring staff and renting offices) that would leave us reliant on the funding merry-go-round. It is our hope and intention that, over time, many of the projects will follow the model adopted by Bungay Community Bees and become self financing – either by membership subscription or through revenue generated by trading activities.

But there will always be valuable work that falls outside this social enterprise approach and which requires extra funding. In addition Sustainable Bungay also has annual organisational core costs that are often hard to write into funding applications; these include room hire for meetings, publishing our quarterly newsletter, stationary and postage for non-project related mail outs and posters, general printing costs and web-hosting.

There are a few costs that we don’t cover at the moment but would like to. These include: expenses for speakers who come to talk at Green Drinks, a fund to cover the start-up and promotion of new projects and travel costs to pay for people to visit and learn about other local projects the group might like to replicate.

In all this probably amounts to about £1000 a year – of which we currently raise about £300 from donations at events and another £200 from within the group. So we remain about £500 short every year and it means we have to make savings where we’d rather not – like not paying expenses to speakers or producing posters for some events. 

If you feel able to help us meet this shortfall we’d be very grateful – even this small extra income would significantly improve the quality and impact of the events and activities we organise. The button below will download a standing order mandate giving you the option to donate a minimum of £5 every month or every quarter (and unlike a direct debit you can cancel this arrangement whenever you want).

OR, you can make a donation electronically: