Stow Park Pig Club

Organic Pigs

Building on the success of Bungay Community Bees, and using the same community supported approach, Sustainable Bungay is starting a pig club. Stow Park Pig Club will offer an easy introduction to pigs and pig keeping as part of a group with collective rather than sole responsibility for their care.

A small group have come together with the intention of keeping two porkers (rather than baconers) this year and if all goes well a few more next year. The pigs (Gloucester Old Spots) are going to be kept at Stow Park organic farm and will arrive in August. At the moment the idea is to have 8 members each taking a quarter of a pig each and getting involved in day to day care as much or as little as they choose. Each pig share (1/4 of a pig) looks like it will work out at around £125 (approx. £4/lb – not bad for organic pork), though the costs are still being finalised and will be lower in future years .

If you’re interested in getting involved please contact Josiah