Autumn Newsletter (No. 7)

After much work (and more than a little editing) Charlotte, Kris and Mark have produced the Autumn Newsletter: a big thank you to them, everyone who contributed and to Helen for sorting out the printing for us at fairly short notice. Paper copies will be distributed today and tomorrow (look out for them in all the usual spots, particularly the Little Green Shop and Library) and will be available at the Library Community Garden launch this Sunday (19th, from midday).

This quarter’s issue has a few reports from our project groups – including Bungay Community Bees, Give and Take, the Library Garden and an Abundance of Fruit – as well as the usual diary section. But most of the centre spread is given over to summaries of our project groups, their current work and their future plans. Please do get in touch if any of these tickle your fancy and you’d like to get involved!

You can download a .pdf version of newsletter here: Newsletter 7